Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things about me...

So... I was reading my sister, Marisa's blog and she was tagged and had to tell 25 things about herself. I LOVED reading that because I learned a bit more about her. She is great! So... I am going to do the same thing but I doubt I will be able to get 25 things...

1. I LOVE my girls. I love doing girly things with them and being able to dress them alike in girly outfits.

2. I LOVE my hubby. For those that don't know him all that well- he really is a kind and generous hubby. He has such a forgiving nature and truly understands people.

3. I love being at home with my girls. I love having play time with them and watching them play together.

4. I am also a person that can't say no- all of us Haslam girls get that from our mom. Thanks mom.

5. I LOVE parties... I love to throw parties, go to parties, you name it! I just love being around people.

6. I love to change my house around... I think I get this from moving so much when I was younger. I like a change.

7. I hate yardwork. I am really terrible at it and I just don't like it. But I am trying to be better and doing yardwork... (except for my garden)

8. I am an emotional person. I cry a lot at the smallest things- like Marisa's blog that I got this from. Thanks Risa

9. I am a freak about my dishwasher. No one can load the dishwasher but me cause the dishes have to go in a certain way.

10. I am not a shy person. I have no problem introducing myself to anyone/anywhere.

11. I am not afraid to do things at a moment's notice. I can whip something together for music/sharing time/ talks, ect and it really doesn't phase me.

12. I stress too much over stupid little things that are out of my control. I need to learn to relax.

13. I have great friends. I am so glad that we decided to stay in Rock Springs because my friendships with people have become stronger and I have met a lot more gals lately that I just truly love!

14. I am a freak about musicals! I love em! Annie is my favorite but I also love Newsies, High School Musicals- all 3, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Sound of Music, West Side Story, ect... You name it.

15. Much to everyone's surprise... I really do love to hunt. I love to shoot rabbits and I really LOVED shooting coyotes with Brad earlier this year. I just wish our kids were a little older so we could do more hunting with them too.

16. I love FAMILY time. I love to be close to my parents and I wish Brad's parents were closer. I love to spend time with all of them. I miss my mommy in law and wish she were closer so we could hang out more.

17. I am a DADDY's GIRL! Yes, I'll admit it. I love to be with my daddy still. He is so cuddly and always knows just what to say.

18. I LOVE movies! That is my favorite thing to do is watch movies with Brad. We have a lot of movies that we quote one liners from. I love it! I also love scary and action movies. My FAVORITE show is Wanted. I know I will get struck down for that one, but I love it!

19. I am a chip junkie right now. I love chips. I can eat a whole bag of Dorito's Pizza/ranch chips in almost one sitting... that's right, I did that while Brad was out of town for a few days. My bad.

20. I've never been a very spiritual person that preaches about the gospel, ect. But lately I have such strong feelings about putting things in the Lord's Hands. When things happen... good or bad, it is His will and we should know that it is for the best. He knows what we need and I strongly believe that more and more.

21. I am so baby hungry... for my sisters! Had you going, huh? Not for me right now, but I am so baby hungry for all of my sisters to have children. They all want one right now and I am so excited that Kyla is expecting in August. Hopefully good news will come soon for Marisa and Kelli. I will gladly play the role of EXCITED sister.

22. My secret goal in life is to have all of us sisters living in the same town. I would love to live by everyone and have us known in the town as the unstoppable 4. We could do it all. (That means that Marisa has to quit moving farther and farther away!)

23. I am NOT a fan of cold weather. I am living in the wrong place- I know.

24. Now I am running out of things to say... That usually doesn't happen. I like to talk a lot (Everyone knows that, though)

25. If you are reading this right now... I love you!