Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Love You Anyway...

So, Bella got into a bit of trouble on Monday when she decided to get a pen and write on the seat in the car. She wrote her name over and over. Even though I am so proud of her for writing her name... the car seat is not the place to show that.
So... she got punished when she got home and I made her do MANY chores. She'd ask if she was done, and of course, I said no and gave her another thing to clean up. After a few hours of this, she got pretty upset and told me that I was a mean mom. I told her that I am just trying to teach her to respect things that we have and sometimes there are consequences for our actions. She said back to me...
"Mom, you're a mean mom, but I love you anyway."
I can handle that.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Road Trip!

Oh heavens.... Brad had a meeting in Casper, WY a few days ago and a few hours before he was suppose to leave we both realized that me and the girls had nothing going on for the next few days, so what was stopping us from going with Brad? Nothing! So we all loaded in the car and drove to Casper- with many potty trips and whining about this "taking SOOOO long." We had fun though. We swam in the pool and went to the mall- which was a big deal for Sally and the girls because it had a Target, Ross, and Bath and Body Works. All things considered, it was a great trip. At least we all got to spend time together.

This is the way I bribe my kids to behave in the car... RING POPS!

Our lovely bathroom...

So... as many of you know, we start a lot of projects and some get finished and some are still a work in progress. But, our bathroom is done and we are so excited. Here are some pictures of the beautiful work. It is so exciting!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bella... Being Amazing!

Paul's Graduation!

My sister, Kyla's husband graduated from Utah State on May 2nd and we went down to see them. We are so excited for them. He also go accepted to Dental School in Cleveland, OH. We are not as excited about them moving so far away, but we know it will be a good thing for him. Paul's mom and dad, my mom and dad, Paul's sister, Amy and her hubby and daughter came down to see him, as well...

Showing off the bellies.... Kyla is 6 months pregnant. Paul... not so much.

After graduation, we all went to the creamery to get some Aggie ice cream. There's not much better than that!