Friday, January 28, 2011

U-haul, I-Haul, I don't care who "hauls" it away...

So... as many of you may now know, Brad has accepted a higher position in Casper, WY with Sherwin Williams. (Although all the specifics of the job haven't been finalized, so we are still saying "maybe/probably" to moving) I am so excited and so ready for a change. A wonderful lady I know asked if I was "running away" from Rock Springs, and I told her no. I'm not running away from my problems, but giving our family a chance to grow and change. I feel as though I will never be able to fully be the person I want and need to be here in Rock Springs. Even though I have so many wonderful friends, I know that eventually we all have to move on and grow in other ways. I am grateful for the support of these great ladies. (You know who you are). Anyway, I am excited to start packing up boxes and going through the piles of stuff we have. I have quite a bit of stuff I am getting rid of, too. So, if anyone is interested, here is a list of stuff I'd love to see "hauled" away....

A small kids table with 4 chairs
A khaki couch cover for a love seat (perfect condition)
A Sunflower design comfortor/shams/bedskit/curtains for a queen size bed
Lots of toys (just take the large bag and it can be a big surprize what you get :)
A DVD/VCR combo

I know there will be other stuff as we are going through things, but just let me know if anyone is interested. I'd be happy to bring this stuff over.

Also... we are going to list our house with a realtor, but if anyone knows of someone looking for a great house in a great ward... let us know.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Bella

This picture pretty much sums up My Bella. She has a look of contentment and joy. She is such a happy girl with whatever is throw at her... I am so proud of her willingness to "go with the flow."
She definately has in her mind how things should go for the day, but I love that she is willing to accept change. She honestly cares about everyone around her. She has such a strong sense of what's right (especially modesty...thanks to primary) and I am so grateful she steers me in the right direction. This girl is my anchor.


Ok, I admit that this girl can sometimes (well, more than sometimes) be my little trial.
She likes to sneak up on the counters and get cookies... she may or may not share them with Ike. She likes to wear what SHE wants to wear... even if that's pajama pants every day. She likes to scream in her high pitched scream when she doesn't get EXACTLY what she wants. She likes to write all over herself in permanent marker even when mom says no coloring right now. She likes to run up and down the grocery store and not listen to mom. She likes to ask for something to drink about every half hour. Yep... My child is a bit of a handful at times. However, when she sits down for a picture like this... those yucky times disappear. Thanks Ivy for keeping me on my toes.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Music

So... I am a bit of a music lover. I love listening to all sorts and my mp3 player on my phone definately shows that. I have a bit of everything:

Black Eye Peas (Great party songs)
Adam Lambert (He does an awesome version of Mad World)
Eminem (Yes, I just can't let this one go... love this guy)
Josh Groban
Joss Stone
Kate Voegele (Shes a diamond in the rough. Love it!)
Kelly Clarkson
Danny Elfman (He does a song from WANTED... love the show, love the song)
GLEE (Lots of fun songs by the cast...can't go wrong. Bella's fav is Sweet Caroline)
King of Leon
Linkin Park
Limp Bizkit (Don't judge... Love the song Behind Blue Eyes)
Michael Franti (Another fun get-up-and-dance song)
One Republic
Pink (Glitter in the Air is my fav of hers)

Lots of Gushy loves songs
Broadway songs
And Tangled songs.... "I see the Light" is Ivys favorite

Just thought I'd share what I love to listen to... all of it!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

That's so Slack!

So, Bella and I were coming home from somewhere and we got a message from Brad that his brother, Brent is ENGAGED! Wahoo Brent, we are so excited for you and Jen! So, I told Bella that her Uncle was going to get married and she said...

"That is so slack!"

"Slack? What does Slack mean," I asked.

"Mom, you know the cool things I say. It means I am totally freaking out."

"You're freaking out? Brent getting married is a good thing." I say

"Yeah, mom, I know... its SLACK"

So... I'm still not totally sure what slack means or any of the other words Bellas been coming up with lately, but I'm hoping "Slack" is a good thing.

Congrats Brent and Jen!