Monday, September 28, 2009

Camping... Beware of picture overload!

So, Brad spent the last week with his dad and Lisa hunting up
in the Grey's Mountains. We met them up there on Saturday
and had a great time with them just hanging out and having fun.
Bella said the best part of going camping was being with family.
Ivy and Sally did have to go home a day early, though, because
Ivy broke out in a bad rash all over her body. We think she is a
little allergic to something up there. But, it was a great time and
a great experience for the girls!

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Is that the trail?

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Look closely at her face... She broke out ALL over the moment
we got up to camp. No idea why she broke out, but she still had fun!

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Cooling off in the river

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Taking a Break!

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The Scenery

Do you notice the smoke on the mountain??

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New Camera!

So... I finally broke down and bought a new camera. Our other one took crappy, fuzzy pics. (As you could probably tell.) We broke two cameras in the past year, so needless to say... it was time for a new one again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cruisin' Along...

Bella came to me today and said that she wanted to drive a car. So I did what my mom use to do for us... Grab an old box and make one... So, I guess a diaper box is a little small, but it works. Its amazing what entertains kids.

Its a Girl!

We are so excited for my sister, Marisa, who just had another little angel... Sarah Christena Sorensen. She was born on Wednesday weighing only 4lbs 15oz and 20 inches long. Good things definately come in small packages... Congrats Sorensen Family on your little "peanut"!

Dance Class

So, how cute is this?? Bella started a dance class with ALL (and I do mean ALL) of her friends. We all signed our little girlies up for a beginning dance class and they all love it. Cute little Bella loves it and really tries to listen and do what her teacher says.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our New Pet... For an Hour

Yes, that is a frog!

Brad found this frog in the window well and showed it to the girls.
They LOVED it and Bella even bucked up the courage to touch it.
(That's saying a lot for Bella!)

Ivy followed it everywhere it jumped.

Brad cut up a milk jug and made a little home for it. But then the girls decided they better set it free so it wouldn't get sick in our house. :)