Friday, June 25, 2010

Bella's Big Accomplishment!

Bella had a BIG day a few days ago. Aunt Kerri suggested we take the training wheels off Bella's bike. I was a little nervous to do so because Bella is quite timid when it comes to trying new things. But, that big girl surprised me. She kept trying and trying to ride her bike with just two wheels and it only took her about 20 minutes to learn. Bella, I am SO proud of you.

The many faces of Ivy

We just love this girl...

Finally the Sun Shines....

Just thought I would share a little of what we've been doing since the sun came out...


Playing in the water

Cartwheels, somersaults, and headstands.
(That's right, folks...that's Sally doing a cartwheel.)

Riding Bikes

We're Back!!!

So... A few days after Easter, I set my computer down to stop Ike from running around and he decided to run on my computer... It got a little messed up. But... many weeks later, we finally got our computer back. (Yeah, it was a long, crazy ordeal.)
A few weeks after I broke the computer, I also broke our new camera- our 3rd one in a short time. Ugggg.
Now our computer fixed and a new camera and we are good to go.