Monday, November 9, 2009

I am getting old...

So... I have had a funny few days of feeling old. Yesterday at church, one of the teachers in Young Women's was talking about a beauty model with a distinctive mole... does anyone know who that is. None of the young women could guess... So I guessed Cindy Crawford and got it right. No one knew who that was. What??? Am I that old?

Then... Really cool Aunt Marisa sent the neatest birthday gift for Bella... Smurfs. However, Bella wasn't quite sure what they were.... again, I am feeling old. But they are so fun for me to play with and the girls are able to watch some old episodes online to see what the Smurfs are all about. Thanks Aunt Marisa!

Bella turns 5!

Happy Birthday to Bella. She turned 5 on Friday and it was a great day! We had lots of fun that day and then Grandma and Grandpa Haslam came over and brought two surprise guests.... my Aunt Valerie and Uncle Bruce. They were coming through and happened to show up in time for dinner. They brought a cute birthday balloon for Bella (which ended up being a bigger hit than they could have imagined.) She got lots of cute stuff and loved her Ice Cream Cake I managed to make. She sure is getting big!

A Little Diva

So... I am so proud of our little Bella. For our church Primary Program, they asked Bella to sing a song all by herself. She said no problem, of course, but I thought it might be a little difficult. Sometimes Bella struggles with pronouncing words correctly, so we worked and worked on her song. She got up to the pulpit and sang the song with NO problems at all. She did such a wonderful job and I wish it was something I could have recorded for all to hear. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Good job Bella!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beautiful Girls

The girls were in matching dresses today for church, so I just had to take some pictures.



So... Here is scary Bella being the vampire, Bella Swan. She wanted to be something a little scarier for Halloween and I thought that was great. She loved being scary! Ivy, of course, had to wear something pink, so she was a cheerleader. We had a good time at the ward Trunk or Treat. The girls got SO much candy. Bella and a friend of hers kept going around and around to all of the cars serveral times. Ivy went with Brad and just asked everyone for "A Bite" or "More Dees" (more please). She loved the idea of getting candy from everyone.

Here is the greatest babysitter, Jenna, and her mom. They are the funnest!

There is Sierra, Bella's friend. She wanted to be a "sad" clown.

Bella's Halloween Party

Here is Bella at her school Halloween party as a ballerina. Ivy went as a ballerina, also, but she wouldn't let me take any pictures of her. They both looked so cute.