Monday, February 21, 2011

Doctors to be...

We have a weird family.... My girls ASK to watch the tv show, House. Kind of funny, huh? Bella loves to watch the medical stuff going on and Ivy just loves to agree with Bella on this. Brad and I love to watch it to see what crazy thing will pop out of Hugh Laurie's mouth. Bella asks so many questions about what the doctors are doing. I think its not too bad. Maybe she won't be as queasy as her mom when it comes to medical things. So, could this be a doctor in waiting??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its Official!

Casper, here we come. Brad officially took the position in Casper today. Whewwwww. We had you all hanging there for a bit, huh? Well... now the challenging part. Brad leaves in a week and a half and I will stay here til our house sells. Everyone please pray it sells soon. We are excited for the change and know it is a good move for our little fam.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Ok... hopefully its ok I'm sharing this picture, Marisa and Kyla... So, I have not been getting much sleep the past week or two due to Ivy's growing pains (I have to constantly rub her legs at night) and a little stress. So... lack of sleep or trying to sleep through things have caused me to have weird dreams. A few of them have been about babies... Uh oh. You that know me knows that it is a sign of preggers for me. But, Whewwwwww.... I dodge that bullet this month. I had this dream last night that I was holding a baby boy and cuddling him so close to me and he was saying mama. I was at Brad's Grandma Isabelle's house sitting in her rocking chair. (I don't think she had a rocking chair, but in my dream I knew it was hers.) So... I'm a little nervous about what the immediate future might hold, but for now I going to guess that my dream meant that I missed my two little nieces, Sarah and MaKenndree. I, of course, miss Jon, Emma, and Kate, but I guess I just can't wait to see the little ones. They grow so fast and are doing so many fun things right now. So... I guess bring on the baby dreams as long as it means I get to see my nieces soon.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why you shouldn't do dishes...

Yes... this picture should say it all...
Bella calls these stitches my little spiders cause they look like spiders to her. So, yes, Saturday morning I was a little too tired to be doing much of anything, but decided to unload the dishwasher. I was putting glasses away and one slipped, broke, and immediately sliced my hand. It was so yucky. I figured if I could see the bone, then I probably need stitches. The doctor agreed and even thought I needed a tetnis shot. That'll teach me to do the dishes on a Saturday morning when I should be in bed. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Snipers in Training


So, my girlies are Snipers in training. Brad had his gun out... (completely unloaded, ect) and was showing the girls how to look through the scope of his gun. It was so cute. They looked like little Snipers in Sunday dresses. I loved it.

This was priceless... Ivy strapped herself in the seat and then struggled against herself saying, "The bad guys got me... Help me Dee Dee." So very cute.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting into Trouble...

Yes... this is my daily story. Ivy gets into something she shouldn't, or Bella gets into something and blames it on Ivy, or Ivy and Bella get into something together and blame it on Ike. Or... they all three get into things they shouldn't and just look too darn cute to get mad at. Yep. What a life! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yeah, you're just waiting to read this post, aren't you. Have you ever read this book? So very cute and makes you realize that your terrible, horrible days have an end, and maybe they aren't so bad after all. :)
I had a bad day... My house is quite messy, I didn't get a lot accomplished at work. My kitchen sink won't drain and I caused my pipe to leak while trying to fix the drain. My dog ate my glasses. Also... I am having a hard time with some situations in our ward and I'm just not sure how to deal with it.
I went to my friend's house to complain... I was so upset and ask her opinion and she calmly told me what she thought and told me to take a step back and give myself 24 hours to breath. Good advise. Then she said, "want to hear about my day?" Oh my... my problems were nothing compared to this friend. Her child got hurt and stop breathing for a few seconds and turned purple. Turning purple trumps bad day with the kitchen/friend problems/and dog issues. Oh my... What a good friend to sit there and listen to my stupid problems while secretly wondering if her kid is going to be ok... will this happen again to him? Thanks girlfriend for being there for me and I hope someday to return the favor. Life sure gets put into perspective on these terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Fun Nights

We have really enjoyed Monopoly nights in the Heath household... Its works great! Bella gets to play a game, Brad gets to watch basketball or hunting while playing with us, Ivy gets to play with the money (she's the banker) and mommy just gets a little time with no whining girls. Its great because Bella learns a lot about different values of money and being a good sport. She's usually a great sport thought, because she always wins. Imagine that!

Here's another fun time for me...

Ivy- "Ma, theres a ma in my no!"

Me- (I'm great at Ivy translation) "There's a moth in your nose?"

Ivy- "ya"

Me- "No, I think its just a booger, Ivy."

Ivy- Puts her finger in her nose and pulls out the booger... "Ya."

Working Nights....
Tonight was the funniest thing. The girls were pretending they were waitresses- taking our order, bringing us water and chips, ect. Then, they decided we needed to go to the doctor. So they were our doctors- shining lights in our eyes, putting things in our ears, making us open our mouth and say "Ahhhh". It was cute, but then the clock struck eight- time for bed. Brad piped up and said it was time for the girls to get ready for bed. Bella counters back immediately, "No, Mr Heath, I'm working nights." TOTALLY PRICELESS!