Thursday, October 29, 2009

Candy, Candy, Candy...

Its not even Halloween yet and Ivy has already had her fill of CANDY. She loves it. She got into a chocolate bar today and it got all over her face and hands. Can't wait for Halloween.

My Cake!

Check out this cake... Yes, everything on it is edible- even the shoe. Charlotta Sorensen is the greatest and made this cake for me. It was so good. She is truly the best cook I have ever seen.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Misc pictures from our trip

Here is our family picture down in Arkansas.

We went to the park one day and I got lots of pictures but thought this one kind of summed it up! That's Bella and her Uncle Brent.

Yes, Ivy had a rough night.

We went to Chuckie Cheese with Grandma and a few cousins and had a great time. It was our first time going. Bella and Ivy LOVED playing the games just to get tickets to buy things. They know what their doing.
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This is Brad and Brent at Their Grandma Isabelle's house. It brought back a lot of memories for them and they loved seeing all the old furniture of Grandma's. But, yes.... we did have to "sneak" into a bedroom window since the house was locked up. :)
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Trip to Arkansas and Oklahoma... The Car Ride

Ok... Being in the car was not as bad as this first picture made it out to be. The girls were so very good, but after 2 days of driving, they are bound to get a little fussy. We were so glad to get to Grandma's, though, so it made the trip bearable for the girls.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Snow

Once there was a snowman.... So, we got our first snow on Sunday and it was warm enough that the girls wanted to go play out in the snow. They had a blast. We got them all bundled up and went over to Spangler's house for a little while to build a snowman there. (And, thanks to Bro. Spangler, the girls got a few sled rides.) When we got back home, Brad helped the girls build another snowman. What a great day!