Thursday, June 11, 2009

The BIG Hunter!

So as many of you know... Brad has been after a bear for the past few months and he finally got his bear last night! We were so excited! It was a smaller chocolate bear, but will look perfect on our wall... Congrats Brad!

Summer Time Fun!

Wow! What a summer we have had already! Lots has been going on in our backyard... Check it out:

We are having issues with prairie dogs (squeakies) in our backyard and garden, so our trusty Brad got his bow and took them out one by one...

Ivy has been great about backyard critters. She loves to hold worms, pill bugs, lady bugs, you name it. However, she thought it was a good idea to grab a wasp that was on the slide... Yep, just guess what happened to her thumb. Poor thing had a swollen thumb the rest of the night.

Oh my garden... what can I say. I DO NOT have a green thumb like my mom. The rhubarb came back this year, but that is about it. I planted carrots, beans, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, zuccini and cantelope. However... I think the only thing that will survive the rodents and me will be the rhubarb.:)

So... speaking of rodents... this little bunny like our garden too, but we won't shoot it. It is a cute little bunny that was born by our shed and has been hanging out at our house. Ivy loves to watch it.

We also have been out in the little blow up pool and playing on the slide in our backyard when its warm. But, unfortunately it hasn't been too warm lately, so no pics to show you of our fun!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So... This morning my friend woke me up at 6am to let me know that she was going into labor. She dropped her daughter off at our house so she could play with Bella and we have been taking about the new baby. While talking about new babies, I was pondering about my own life... especially my family. I am so grateful for the girls I have. They are SO cute and so much fun. They are a BIG handful, but I'm glad to have them wear me out. I am grateful for a family that I can share everything with. Brad is a great listener. We have a funny relationship... I talk a lot and he listens. But he throws in great words of advise for me, because usually I overreact about things. We are able to give each other our space to do our individual things, but we always come back to each other. I love him. Brad's mom is a great friend of mine and we share everything just like friends do. I'm glad that we can confide in each other and have a good relationship. I am so very lucky that way. Brad's dad and his girlfriend are also great. We don't talk as much, but I know that I can call them (or usually text them) and they'd do anything for us. We were lucky to have him so close to us for quite some time, but now they live far away and we don't get to see them as much. My parents are also so great and just listen to anything and everything I have to say... which is a lot. They are highly involved in my life and I love it that way. I think thats what makes good parents... those that want to stay involved in their kids' lives. I have to say... it bugs me so bad to hear those that hate it when their parents ask them questions about their lives. They are not trying to pry... they are concerned parents. We make the choice to be members of a family. We can be as involved as we want to be, but expect the same in return. If you ignore your family and push them away... exptect them to do it back to you.
So... now I will get off my soap box about families... Justknow I am so grateful for mine.