Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome to Disney World!

While it was snowing and raining in our lovely home town.... We went to SUNNY and HOT Orlando. Mom and dad invited the whole family to have a huge get together in Orlando this spring. They are awesome. Everyone was able to go except our fearless leader, Brad. Since we just started a new business... Brad needed to stay home and take care of things. This trip kind of fell at a weird time for us, but we made it work and the girls and I had a tremendously great time! We had a long day of flights and layovers, but then made it into Orlando Friday night and my parents took us to an awesome condo. We stayed at the Sheraton Vistana... Very nice and so friendly. They even helped us find a doctors office.... Bella got a fever on Sunday and on Monday, we found out she had strep throat. So, after a day of antibiotics... We were off to Disney World. We were constantly on the move and the girls were SO worn out by the time we left to come home, but it was very worth it. I am so grateful for very generous parents that allowed for all of us to be together. Marisa and Paul's family were great hosts to all of our family meals and bath time with all the cousins. Kelli and Ryan were awesome to go swimming with... Ryan has the touch with the little ones. Kyla and Paul were so much fun and Ivy just can't get enough of Uncle Paul. Thanks so much!!! It was so great to see all of you!

Magic Kingdom!

Me and the girls... and my other main Man!

We saw the most amazing light show on the Castle. The girls were so excited that the Castle could turn pink at night.

The girls watching the show at the Castle... they LOVED it.

Awesome shows and parades at Magic Kingdom. We needed WAY more time to spend here. So much to see and do. I was so impressed with the energy and music that came out of Disney world!

Jesse! The girls were out of their mind with excitement!

We all went on a little train ride around Magic Kingdom.


Epcot was great... Lots to see and do. We first went into the "Big Golf Ball" to take a ride back in time. We had to see Captain EO... back when Michael Jackson was cool. We went on a boat ride to see awesome ways to grow plants... I know someone that would have LOVED that part. We also went to a Lion King show. We didn't go to many countries... not enough time, but mom and I made it to France to get their famous pastries... Yummm Yummmm

While standing in line for the ride, "Soarin" they had something similar to a Kinect. We tried to pop bubbles on a big screen. The ride "Soarin" was the best ride of the whole trip! It was like you were hang gliding through the whole country. LOVED IT! Ivy loved it too. She was in awe the whole time.

Little Poser!

Spending Time with Cousins at Disney World!

Sharing some famous mousse from France.

Our bug eyes for the BUG show!

Casual Kate!

Jon showing the girls Hedwig from Hogwarts.

Fun times with Uncle Paul!

Disney Characters!

Laying out by the pool...

As if we weren't tired out enough... We still found time to go swimming after going to the parks. But, the most amazing thing. Bella put on a pair of goggles and starting swimming (literally swimming) underwater without a life jacket! Way to go my little fish!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Rides!

We went on so many fun rides... Dumbo, dinosaurs, Magic Carpet, SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!, Thunder Mountain, The Carosel, Hollywood Tower of Terror (Ivy went on that with me... woah), Soarin'- (worth ever second of the hour wait), Pirates of the Carribean, and lots of boat and train rides. Its was so much fun!!

I'm A Star!

Yes... my dream come true... I was picked to be a "cast member" in the Indiana Jones show. It was so much fun... not to mention, I am the biggest Indiana Jones fan anyway.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bella and Ivy...

I'm too lucky to have girls like this. Today, they have been playing so well together....

This morning, Ivy was crying so hard thinking she had to go somewhere she didn't want to go. Bella held her in her room and said, "Its ok, Ivy, I've got you. You don't have to go. But, we are going on a trip soon and you can ride next to me, ok?" Priceless! Made me cry when I heard her.

Today in the car, Bella pulled out her scriptures and said, "Ivy, this is Samuel. He was on the wall and said 'Behold, don't shoot me'. " Again, Priceless.

When we got home from running errands, I told them they could play outside... The above picture is what I found when I went out there to check on them.

Then, of course, Ivy wouldn't pose for any more pictures and fell to the ground and started doing grass angels. Yep... that's all Ivy.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Water fight...

My night started out like this... I was sitting on the couch reading a nice book and Brad and the girls were playing soccer in the living room. (yes, I know, but what can you do?) Well, Brad kept throwing the ball at me (not in the rules of soccer!) and so I was getting frustrated. I went in to get a glass of water and decided to throw it at Brad if he threw the ball at me again. Sure enough.... so I did. Well... for anyone who knows Brad, he has to have the last say. He got a glass of water... threw it on me and threw some on the girls. They went and got glasses of water, I got a pitcher. Needless to say, water was EVERYWHERE. The whole kitchen floor was covered with tons of water and the carpet was soaked in many places. (But the plants got a nice watering.) Then... as if it wasn't enough that Brad was only a little wet and me and the girls were soaked... He shoved us all in the bathtub and turned on the cold water. Brrrrrr. Yes, he ALWAYS gets the last word.

Gone Fishin'... These pics are priceless!

How amazing is Bella? She went fishing with Brad last Saturday and they caught a fish. She had to take it home to mount. Uh huh.... We will just freeze it. Ivy, of course, was dying to hold it when Bella got home. Bella is so great in the outdoors. She even knew several ways to start a fire. (She only told Brad how to do it... she never actually tried, of course.)

Ya, we're Eggheads....

Here is the end result of our egg dying... the girls loved it! However, they were so mad at me for "destroying" their eggs to make the Easter tradition of Deviled Eggs. Easter was fun. The girls woke up to find the Easter bunny hid their basket AND eggs filled with goodies all over the house. "Even in my yweee (shoe)", Ivy says. Then we went to church and I sang in Sacrament Meeting. Then we went to the Chestnuts for lots of food and fun. Kayll even came with us, so we all had a great time!

I'm back... Did you miss me?

Yes, I know it has been a while since I have blogged, but we have had a lot going on in our lives! (That is the understatement of the year!) So... we were moving to Casper, right? Brad was up there for about six weeks and was offered the opportunity of a lifetime back here in Rock Springs. We are now proud, scared owners of a painting business here in Rock Springs. Signature Painting is the name.... I am so excited to see where this takes us in life. I think we are still trying to sell our house (the sign is still up) but who knows. I am still going to work for Farm Bureau (because my boss to too awesome to not work for) and I am running for PTO secretary. Whewwwww.... are we having fun yet?