Monday, March 7, 2011

My side of the story...

Oh my... how girls judge each other. The other day my sister was telling me of a woman that was in her ward and she stopped going to church for quite a few weeks. The other ladies in the ward talked about how she probably has "fallen" away since her husband doesn't go to church. But, no one asked her. Then... a few months later she came back, and was faithful in coming... Someone finally asked her why she was gone and she relayed that she was VERY sick and no one there to take care of her so had to be bed ridden for many weeks. Ouch... Not the case of what everyone thought.

How often do we do things like this? A few weeks ago, I was ready to go and yell at Bella's teacher for calling her a bully. I did not think that was appropriate or fair to Bella. Then, I went to the school and found out that, yes, Bella and a few other girls were mean to a few kids in class. This happened almost a week before. I was not told the situation, and I apologised greatly for my daughter's behavior. However, I think the parents still think my child is a bully. She is not. She is trying and they are six years old. Kids don't know how to act. Especially if some of them have not been in many social situations. It was wrong for my daughter to be mean, but she didn't mean things quite in the context of what was said... Like I said, she's six and kind of naive to what things mean. I am heartbroken to hear that she wants to move to Casper because of a few wrong decisions she has made.

We all make decisions... however, not everyone knows the real story behind those decision. We don't know the WHOLE story. Its better to ask than assume, I think. Maybe that's why I'm considered nosy, but really I'd rather know than make assumptions.