Friday, July 23, 2010


So, my parents told us a few years ago, that we were going to be having a family reunion in Albion, Idaho... Where the heck is Albion, Idaho? What the heck is there to do in Albion, Idaho? I have to say... I was a little unsure about driving 5 hours for this trip and not having anything to do. But, I will be the first to admit you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I was completely impressed when I got there. We stayed at an old schoolhouse called Campus Grove. This is the schoolhouse we stayed in (now updated of course) and it is set up a lot like a dorm house. We just LOVED the history of it and we loved how secluded the place was. I felt so safe to let the kids wander around the grounds. They had a swimming pool, a bouncy house, horseshoe pits, volleyball nets, basketball courts, and lots of feathered friends. Yes, that's right... we ran into chickens, peacocks, and other large birds. It was crazy fun! We roasted marshmellows, played Family Feud (which our family one...probably because we are the ones that mostly feud...sorry Marisa), crafts- mom's awesome Slat Family, family pics, swimming, pinata, treasure hunts, and so much more... I was SO worn out by the time we had to leave. Whewwww. Thanks so much to everyone for putting together the best time ever for me and the girls!

The Bowen Line (Next Generation)

These are all of the cousins' children and we lined them up according to their age.
Amazingly, Ivy is the tallest of the kids her age.

Here are the 2nd cousins that are Bella's age.


Swimming Time

What a way to spend a few warm hours during the reunion. We were so lucky to have Grandpa come swimming with us. (He was the only Grandparent brave enough to get in the pool.)
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Tractor Rides

We were so lucky that my Uncle Bruce brought his shiny red tractor to the family reunion and took all of us on tractor rides throughout Albian. It was so much fun. Thanks Uncle Bruce... you're the best!
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Kid Stew!

We ended up having about 17 kids in the hot tub at one time! Whew... throw em in the pot and see what you got.
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We're All Together Again...

Ok, don't laugh, but that is me (blue shirt in front) with all of my cousins 22 years ago.

This is me again (7th from the end) and most of my cousins this last weekend.
I had such a good time in Albion, ID with our Bowen Family Reunion this weekend. It was so good to see my cousins and their families and how everyone has changed. However, I've found that we are still the same in many ways. Thanks to everyone who came. It was so worth it to go up there. I loved Campus Grove and thought it was an excellent place to have this.

Cousin Emma Visits

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flaming Gorge Days

Here's my little DIVA at Flaming Gorge Days. Brad played in a 3 on 3 tournament and we had a blast watching him and playing with our friends...

Here is Theron, Bella, Dylan, and Ivy. They just love hanging out with the Archibalds!

Swimming, Swimming, In my Swimming Pool

Thanks to Stacie for these great pictures! We went to a little pool today by our house with Bella's cousin, Emma and her friend, Abby. We had so much fun and Stacie and I enjoyed the time out of the house and basking in the sun. I NEEDED some vitamin D. Check out these cute pictures she took...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Water, Water, and More Water

Yes, this morning I woke to the sound of rushing water... (so of course I went to the bathroom first) and then checked downstairs to see what was going on. We had a busted pipe in our storage room. Luckily it was not in the wall and the turn off valve for the water was close to the break. It was a quick fix from the plumber, but we sure had to do a lot of water cleanup.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Bunny, Pepper...

I was cleaning out the windowsills in our back yards and found this little itty bitty bunny crouched down. The girls say we are going to keep it and they named it Pepper... We will see when Brad gets home.

Back to Work

So, yes... I am going back to work. I am getting my insurance license again and going to work for a great insurance agent here in Rock Springs. I am really excited to go back to work and the girls seem ok with it.