Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Easter...

The Easter Bunny was really nice to our family this year... he left us Rock Band. Well, of course. Both the girls are quite DIVAS so they need to practice w/ Rock Band. We had so much fun with it already.


Easter was a fun one this year... Aunt Marisa sent awesome matching clothes for the girls. (Thanks for the save, Marisa) and they got to play in their new basement. We took time out from cleaning yesterday to color/decorate Easter eggs. Then, they helped me make deviled eggs and they were so excited to eat them... until they tried a little of the filling- not too good.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

All Done!!!

We are really excited about this. I still have a bit to do a bit of finishing work... vent covers, new electrical outlets (i got paint everywhere) but I have had fun the past few days putting everything back and setting up the rooms. Its nice to have a little playroom for the girls- whew- what a good thing.


So, as many of you know, we started remodeling our basement a while ago. Lots of junk everywhere as we had to bring up stuff from downstairs. We had to gut the family room and bedroom, so we had fun doing everything from scratch.