Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Baby is 4!!!

Ivy turned 4 today... Love this little gal. She is such a poser. She got a cute little dress for her and her doll. She got another adorable Hello Kitty dress and dress up stuff that she can't get enough of. Plus, a few dolls and her own DS. What a great day!

Waiting patiently for her presents... She's ready to open those bad boys.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fair!

Ok, its that time of year again... The BIG Fair. I try to take the girls every year during the day to ride the rides and see the animals. This year we took Jenna- the coolest gal ever with us so she could ride some rides with Bella in case Ivy didn't want to go. Well... Ivy didn't for a long time, but then finally gave in and ended up loving it! She especially loved feeding the animals, tho. (Notice... Bella is not anywhere near the animals.) We had a great time- Thanks Jenna for joining us.

The Tooth Fairy!

On our trip back from Texas, Bella wiggled and wiggled her two bottom teeth. The one got very loose and a few days later, Bella FINALLY lost her first tooth. She was so excited and the tooth fairy was excited, as well.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh my....

Yes, Ivy and her best buddy got a hold of some scissors last week and cut each other's hair. The other gals was only cut in a few places and was easily concealed, however, as you can see... Ivy needed it chopped all off. She got quite a few layers. Thank goodness for a WONDERFUL friend that shaped it right up. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. It certainly matches her sassy attitude.

Grandma and Grandpa Visit!

I was so excited when my parents said they were coming down for the weekend. Its so weird that now they are no longer in Green River... It makes these little visits so much sweeter. We hung out and played games (learned Chicken Foot) and then we tried to work with Ivy on riding her bike without training wheels. Not much success, but got some great pics of Bella helping Ivy.

We decided last minute to go and float below the dam. It was a great experience and I was so glad we got to go. Thanks to Dad for being our chouffer to and from the drop off points.

The water was FREEZING but Brad decided to jump in. Bella (after coaxing and offering $5 from parents and grandparents) hopped in as well. They thought mom needed to join them so Brad pulled me in after he got in. WAY too cold for me.

Another Highlight of Texas...

Another HUGE highlight of going to Texas was hanging out with the most wonderful people on the planet. We met so many amazing people are are so lucky to still be in touch with a few of them. For Brent and Jen's wedding, many stayed at a house just up the street from the church. Jen's Parents and brothers, brides maides, groomsmen, and other great friends stayed there and we all got along like we had been family for years. Plus, the girls got to spend extra time with Grandma Sue. She tucked them in bed and spent lots of time with them. Bella and Ivy were the only kids there (besides Jen's younger brother- but he acted so grown up) and they were so good for everyone. Ivy became instant friends with a gal named, Kat. She is stationed at Hill AFB so hopefully we can see her sometime since we are so close. The girls also LOVED that there was a swimming pool in the back yard. We swam everyday and I can't believe Bella didn't grow gills. Thank you so much Brent, Jen, Dusty, and Laurie and everyone else staying there.

PS... The most amazing youth leader stayed there as well and she told me of the COOLEST object lesson ever for teenagers. Its along the lines of "Getting Crap out of Your Life."

Sea World!!

Sea World, Baby!! Since Brad wasn't able to go to Disney World with us, he was a great dad and took us all to Sea World while we were in San Antonio, Tx. It was SO hot, but we had a great time with the girls, Brad's mom, and Brad's dad and his girlfriend. (The more the merrier!)

Ivy with her new stuff animal from Papa Steve and Lisa. She LOVED it.

Bella LOVED to ride all of the rides. Ivy wouldn't go on any, so mom got to go!

Cute little show from the gang at Seseme Street.

Time with Grandma...

Bella was so brave to stand in front of the aquarium with the sharks. You could tell she was a little nervous.

Ivy feeding the dolphins... she was so excited- until Flipper opened his mouth and showed all of his teeth.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brent and Jen!

Ok, I know I am a little behind in my blogging, but the first part of July, we were able to go down to Spring Branch, TX for Brad's brother's wedding. It was so wonderful. My new sister in law was so beautiful and wonderful. Brent definately got a winner there. (She got a great guy too!) I was so impressed with the ceremony. It was so elegant and simple. It was so perfect for them. The girls got to lay down flowers before the ceremony and were so excited to be a part of Uncle Brent and Aunt Jen's day.

A few handsome men.... (check out the shoes!)