Sunday, August 29, 2010

House for Sale

Ok it is ... Our house is up for sale. We are not sure our plans for right now, we just feel it is time to move on. So, if anyone knows of someone in the market for a cute house... Give us a call. :)


The Caudell's invited us to go camping one weekend and we had so much fun. All of us went...Brad, Sally, Bella, Ivy, Ike, Kerri , and Kayll... Wheww. So, Brad's truck was PACKED trying to get all of our stuff in it.

Ice cream in Farson....Mee mee

Camp... Lindsay and Mike are pros at this. They remember everything!

Check this out...Ivy's got a new buddy.

Painting Rocks! What memories that brings back for me.

Motorcycle rides!!!

Yes, that's me...I really suck at it.


Cleaning the fish! (Ivy and Mike-still buds)

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Family

My dad is retiring from General Chemical this week and as a gift, they had asked a guy named Scott Weir to draw our family. He did a great job. My dad with all his girls....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Big Three!

Ivy turns 3!!!

Ivy was helping me put frosting on the cake!

Dinner outside.... Grandma and Grandpa Haslam came over and Kerri and Kayll were there too.

Excited about presents!

Ivy got the cutest Dora guitar and a little hamster in a ball....and a few other things! How fun!


Its Mee Mee (Yummy)

Very Mee Mee

Playing games with Grandma!

And of course....Ivy got hurt and we ended the night like this.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jump Ropin Ivy

Outside Fun!

We have been having a lot of fun in our backyard lately... We all love the slip and slide and the kids have been having a great time playing in the dirt with all of the water. Check out our friend, Abby- she LOVED getting dirty!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Bad Experience with Sonic!

Ok... Usually, I try not to get THIS upset about something but I feel this is important to share with everyone.... Don't go to the Sonic in Rock Springs, WY. This is my experience:
Ivy got a gift card from Aunt Marisa for Sonic, so we decided to all go there for a little treat yesterday. We had about 20 mins to burn until Kerri had to go to work. When we ordered...they seemed to be out of a lot of things we were trying to order. Then, they finally brought our order (after 10min) and I paid with a gift card and a few extra dollars. The gal said their card machine was down and didn't know if they could take this. She was going to check with a manager... Five minutes later, the manager comes back (we had been munching on our food by then) and she said that they don't accept Sonic gift cards. Sonic doesn't accept Sonic gift cards? What?? The cards states its accepted at any location. I told her this and she said that each franchise is individually owned and that each owner has the decision to accept these or not. I asked her if she had that posted somewhere and she said no...she said I should have told the waitress I had a gift card. (I shouldn't have to do that!) She asked if I had another way to pay for this. I said no... I had a gift card for Sonic and wanted to use that. I shouldn't have to pay extra. She kept telling me I would have to pay for the food. So, I pulled out some money and said I wanted to speak to the manager... She said she was the district manager. I said I wanted to speak to someone over her. She said she would get me a number and my change. So... three or four minutes later she was still not back (Kerri was almost late for work) so I went inside...ready to cuss out the manager... and thank goodness the missionaries were in there. I calmed down and just asked for my change. I told her I would call her back.
So I called her back and she refused to give me a name or number of her supervisor/manager. She said that she was going to comp by order but that I was too rude.... Not once did I raise my voice or speak in vulgar language. So, I told her that I was going to give her my number and she needed to have her manager call me today. She said she couldn't promise that. Well... I told her that I will go ahead and let everyone know that Sonic is NOT a good place to go. She hung up on me. Ok.

So... here I go... DON'T Go to SONIC! Service is slow, they are always "out" of something. They don't accept gift cards, and the manager is very rude.