Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Perfect Gift Ideas...

The girls had a GREAT Christmas this year! Everyone was so thoughtful in their ideas for the girls... Great ideas...

1.Quilts for the girls made out of pink camo material and colored jeans. I loved them!
2. Babies and more babies.... Ivy just loves to take care of babies.
3. Sally got aprons for the different seasons/holiday. They are so cool.

4. Pillow Pets- cute and cuddly...need I say more?

5. Lots of Polly Pockets... You can't go wrong with these little dolls. And they got a cute doll house to put them all in. I think these are awesome for little girls.
6. Technological stuff for the girls. I kid you not... the girls EACH got 4 different computer-type consoles to teach them stuff and play games. They are loving them! One teaches spanish, some work with numbers/words/letters, ect... and Bella got her DS that she had been asking for since last Christmas!

7. Money... Yes, little girls (and big girls) loved getting so moolah this year. They were able to go and get MORE stuff. (Ivy got a HUGE stuffed dog that Santa didn't bring her. )
8. FOOD! Need I say more with this one either? We loved getting lots of goodies and then spending the day stuffing ourselves with great food. It couldn't have been better.
Thanks to EVERYONE for the great gifts and love and support. We love all of you.

Gingerbread House

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ike in the snow...

Once there was a Snowman!

Finally there is snow! Sunday after church we went out and played in the rainy snow...for THREE hours. We had fun building a few snowmen.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why we have kids...

Really, this picture says it all... they are happy and glowing and it melts my heart to see pictures like this of Bella and Ivy. Today I was having a really bad day (much to mine own making) but nonetheless, it was a difficult day for me to face. But, I sucked it up at church and put on my best happy face and tried to feel the spirit. I got to sit by Bella for a bit of Primary and really enjoyed hearing her answers to what was asked by the leader. I tried to avoid almost everyone in the mishap that I might break down crying or some silly thing like us moms do. But, I made it through and went home to Brad and Ivy. I was making lunch and Bella decided she wanted to be an early teenager and blast her kids bop music from her room. I think every single song had something about being happy, or getting over a bad day, or realizing what you have in your life. She was singing at the top of her lungs (cause that's what Bella does) and it made me realize that I can get through the hard times in my life if I just think of them. Thanks Bella and Ivy for making me happy today!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bugging Poor Ike

Bella the Avatar!

Yes, I came into the living room to find Bella putting on some of her makeup that she had gotten for her birthday. I thought she was just putting a little blue design on her cheek. I came back into the living room a few minutes later to find her whole face BLUE! She said she just wanted to be an Avatar! Who can argue with that? Me too, Bella!

A Special Day for us...

Today was an awesome day... First, I was expecting Brad to be gone to Sheridan to hunt a bit this weekend, but he decided not to go! Yeah! I think this has been his first Saturday home in about 3 months. Then, because my handyman was home, we went to town on little projects we needed to get done around the house. We cleaned the house really well and raked leaves and put new weather stripping on our doors. We fixed some vents on the roof and put away a bunch of junk that was outside...Winterizing like crazy! Whewww.... Thanks Brad for kicking our butts in gear today!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Good Place

So, I have many uses for the title of this post.

1. On Saturday, Brad and I needed a "good place" to find some coyotes for the tournament we were in. We found two GREAT places first thing in the morning on got two dogs by 8:30 am.

2. I thought "the good place" was sitting in the very quiet truck between coyote locations. I just got to sit in the warm truck and relax while Brad searched for the next good place to get some coyotes... No kids crying, no phones ringing, and no problems from the outside world.

3. "The Good Place" was where we finally located our 3rd dog...at 4:15pm that evening. We should have known to go there first.

4. We met up for check-in at a small little place called, Sweetwater Station. It was a "good place" to find because we were in the middle of no where...

5. And finally... We didn't place in the tournament with 3 dogs, but we did qualify for The Best of the Best tournament that is in January. And, I won a gift certificate to a little sportings good store in Lander called.... you guessed it- "The Good Place!"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bella's Big Day!

We had a great day celebrating Bella's birthday. Believe it or not, she wanted to spend the day going hunting... She wanted to shoot something. So we got the guns and went to the shooting range and let her shoot the 22. Then...We took her to the archery range and surprised her with an early birthday present. She got a new bow. She LOVED it and couldn't wait to try it out. She does so well pulling it back and shooting it. What a fun gift for her.

Bella Turns Six!!!

We had a fun night with friends and family for Bella's birthday. She said that this was the best day ever! It made Brad and I feel good because we didn't think we did that much for her. Glad she had a good day and we are so grateful for the grownup girl she has become.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween is my favorite time of year...We get to dress up, get lots of candy, and act silly. However, none of us really did that this year (except for the girls dressing up.) We all had an awful cold and daddy hurt his back so tremendously bad that he had me seriously worried. But, all in all, Halloween was fun for the girls.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ivy, Ivy, Ivy...

Peaceful sleeping Ivy???

Sure...after the mess she made.

Pumpkin Carving Tradition....Just not for us

Pumpkin carving is a tradition for most during the Halloween season. But...sadly not for us. Brad has only carved a pumpkin one other time in his life, and that was right after we got married. But, I thought we needed a little together time and the kids LOVED it.

Brad and Bella are hard at work on their pumkins. We carved and painted them.

My stud hubby carving a crazy spider web.

Yes, Ivy has all of the paintbrushes in her shirt pocket. She looks like one of Brad's painters.

What a mess!

Bella's finished project! Good Job Bud!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Need a Laugh?

Oh my... I was doing a little "blog stalking" tonight and ran into a link that my cousin has on her blog. It is stinkin hilarious....check it out. You know you all have photos like these.


You're Welcome!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Fun Trip!

Sorry folks, but this is not the Elk that Brad shot. He helped a good buddy get this beauty a few weeks ago. I am so proud of both of them.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How it all began...

So... Ten years ago today, this is how our little Heath family began. I worked with a gal named Dee Dee (funny that Ivy calls Bella that now) and she sent me this email to congratulate me on my insurance tests and to wish me luck on my first date with Brad.

Then, to tease me a little...my boss, Kalene gave me this postcard. Funny... I don't have a girl and a boy, but two girls is close enough for me.

And here we are so young... whew- who knew driving by this guy's house would bring all this happiness 10 years later!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thanks Sis!

So, I am kind of a mean sis... I have been hounding Kelli to come to Wyoming for months and I even cried and threw a fit like my three year old daughter when she said she wasn't coming to visit on Labor Day like she planned. (Which was good she didn't come because of the great surprise she did for Marisa.) But, this weekend she and Ryan caved to my pressure and came to visit my parents in Green River. I really appreciated the thought she put in to putting music together for us to sing. It was so wonderful and I am amazed with how well we still follow each other. But those dang allergies sure to make my eyes water ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasure...

Brad, Kayll and I were just talking about people who have too much time on their hands and blog, tweet, or facebook about the stupidest things. I guess this is one of those moments for me...

This is my new guilty pleasure. I love California Rolls, Yellow Tail, or Spicy Tuna Rolls... A LOT! Since Brad has been gone a bit with hunting, I have promised the girls they could get McDonalds here or there. Who else is sick of McD's? So they get their guilty pleasure and I get mine...Bonsai is the new love of my life. Paul...I know you are in this with me, right?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bella's First Day of School!

My Big Girl... She Started Kindergarten today. She was so excited to be in Mrs. Richardson's class with some of her friends. She HAD to ride the bus to school, so I followed her to school and watched her march off to her class. I am so proud of how brave she is.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

House for Sale

Ok folks...here it is ... Our house is up for sale. We are not sure our plans for right now, we just feel it is time to move on. So, if anyone knows of someone in the market for a cute house... Give us a call. :)


The Caudell's invited us to go camping one weekend and we had so much fun. All of us went...Brad, Sally, Bella, Ivy, Ike, Kerri , and Kayll... Wheww. So, Brad's truck was PACKED trying to get all of our stuff in it.

Ice cream in Farson....Mee mee

Camp... Lindsay and Mike are pros at this. They remember everything!

Check this out...Ivy's got a new buddy.

Painting Rocks! What memories that brings back for me.

Motorcycle rides!!!

Yes, that's me...I really suck at it.


Cleaning the fish! (Ivy and Mike-still buds)