Saturday, February 18, 2012


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with the Haslam's coming to visit. We played lots of games and the girls (Sally included) showed off their mad gymnastics skills.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Seventh Heaven

For Bella's 7th birthday, we took an exciting trip to "Heath Island." We took a plan ride (refreshments included) and then we went down to the magical island. They, of course, had a limbo contest, dug for treasures, played musical island leaves, and lots of other fun things. We had so much fun. She was so excited to get a fish at her party. She named her Dorothy.

Ivy, Alexis Caudell, Syndee Franks, Alyssa Smith, Bella, and Mr Tyler Moon. (What a trooper being with all those girls.)

The morning of Bella's birthday, she was so excited to open her presents that she hopped in bed with us to open them first thing. She got some hunting clothes (which she had to use that day),
some money, a DS game- Lego's Star Wars, and a few other fun things.

Halloween 2011

My kids were adorable this year. Bella was a dog (thank goodness cause it was so cold out there.) She actually got a Tangled costume (since she cut her hair like Rapunzel) but it was just too cold. Bella was Princess Lea. She was awesome. She loves Star Wars- that's my girl.

A bunch of us went and walked downtown and went trick or treating in the morning... then we went to the church Trunk or Treat. And if they didn't get ENOUGH candy... we went to the school's Trunk or Treat (but that was kind of a bust) :)

Big Buddies

Bella's 1st grade teacher is amazing and does so many fun things with the kids. She invites a 6th grade class to their school and each kid is given a BIG BUDDY. They have the same buddy all year long. Bella's is Cole. He is so sweet and quiet like Bella... I'm so thankful for the time and effort that was put into this program. They do so many fun things together each month and look forward to seeing what else they have planned.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Snow Snow Snow....

First snow of the year!!! Bella and Ivy couldn't wait to get out there and make snow angels and a snowman. I made them wait til at least ten this morning so they wouldn't freeze. Its actually pretty nice out tho. Have fun girls!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm Gonna Brag a Little...

So, I'm gonna have to take a minutes and brag a little about my family. They are amazing lately....

Ivy- She is a big trooper going to preschool. She gets up early every morning and makes sure she has her back pack and her snack for school. She listens really well in class and follows directions. She is also in a singing/dancing class that I teach and she follows so well. She listens and sings and tries so hard. She is also an amazing tumbler. She is taking a preschool gymnastics class (also that I teach) and isn't afraid to try any thing. I am so very proud of her enthusiasm for all of the new things thrown at her lately. She actually is quite the homebody, but glad she is letting me get her involved in so much more.

Bella- I can't stop bragging about my little one. She is AMAZING in 1st grade. She brings home a BLUE RIBBON card every day. (That is the best you can get.) She is reading already at almost a 3rd grade level and she is also very enthusiastic about school. Can't get enough- thanks to her great teacher. She is also excelling at her singing/dancing class. She really tries to get all of the songs right and the dancing steps right. She is also taking gymnastics after school and you can tell she is really out of her comfort zone, but she is trying.... I am so proud of her for trying all of the cool things her coaches are doing with her. She is also taking a private swimming class one day a week and this is her FAVORITE thing in the world.(No, I am not teaching this one.) She has the most amazing teacher that is so patient. He even got Bella to jump off the diving board after she told me she was NOT jumping off that thing. She is loving the water. I have seen Bella's confidence soar these past few weeks and I am so glad she is "spreading her wings" and trying all of these new things.

Sally- Whewww. I am just as busy as the girls. I love every minute of this new crazy life. I am no longer working in the insurance office, but decided to take smaller jobs that would allow me to be with my girls more. I am still doing all the bookwork for our company- invoice/payroll/taxes, ect. Some weeks I only work an hour or two...others I work a ton! I am teaching preschool gymnastics 3 times a week- and love being with my girls with this. It is kicking my butt physically, but maybe I can do all of those fun things I did when I was little. I am also teaching 2 classes for "Its ShowTime". I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. This is my element. Fun little songs with fun little dance moves and all of the kids are so adorable. I am so impressed with the lady that put this together. She does a lot to make sure it is a success. To top things off... I am PTO secretary. I thought this would be a small job, but we also take on little committees to be in charge of, so I have been a little busy with BOX TOPS lately and a few other little things. Its fun and I love the ladies. And to brag a little on me... my biggest accomplishment is that my house is usually clean, laundry is done, and we are now eating at the kitchen table (that is HUGE in our house.)

Brad- This big guy is just as busy as the girls!! He runs from job to job to job to job during the day and makes sure that our new business stays up and running. I am so very proud of the way he handles all of the little situations that has come up for our company. He is doing so well with it. I am also so very proud of my hubby for getting his deer today WITH HIS BOW at 122 yards. (For you non-hunters.... that's an amazing distance for a bow.) He loves hunting more than anything and I am so glad he is still able to go and enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Miss Modesty!

Funny story... When Bella was in Sunbeams, she had a great teacher that taught her about the importance of modesty- especially with little girls. She gave them a "modesty"crown and Bella wore it for months!
Well... (jump ahead 3 years) last weekend we were in Salt Lake for my sister's baby shower and we decided to do a little shopping in a bigger mall than the one we have here. I was so excited. I got a new shirt and I was showing it to Bella.
"Bella, what do you think?" I ask.
"Turn around... Let me see it" she says "Hmmmm. Is it modest?"
I answer "yes"
"Ok then... I like it." She says.
She sounded like my mothers, but I really appreciated that she still remembered her lesson on modesty.