Saturday, December 3, 2011

Seventh Heaven

For Bella's 7th birthday, we took an exciting trip to "Heath Island." We took a plan ride (refreshments included) and then we went down to the magical island. They, of course, had a limbo contest, dug for treasures, played musical island leaves, and lots of other fun things. We had so much fun. She was so excited to get a fish at her party. She named her Dorothy.

Ivy, Alexis Caudell, Syndee Franks, Alyssa Smith, Bella, and Mr Tyler Moon. (What a trooper being with all those girls.)

The morning of Bella's birthday, she was so excited to open her presents that she hopped in bed with us to open them first thing. She got some hunting clothes (which she had to use that day),
some money, a DS game- Lego's Star Wars, and a few other fun things.

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