Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Miss Modesty!

Funny story... When Bella was in Sunbeams, she had a great teacher that taught her about the importance of modesty- especially with little girls. She gave them a "modesty"crown and Bella wore it for months!
Well... (jump ahead 3 years) last weekend we were in Salt Lake for my sister's baby shower and we decided to do a little shopping in a bigger mall than the one we have here. I was so excited. I got a new shirt and I was showing it to Bella.
"Bella, what do you think?" I ask.
"Turn around... Let me see it" she says "Hmmmm. Is it modest?"
I answer "yes"
"Ok then... I like it." She says.
She sounded like my mothers, but I really appreciated that she still remembered her lesson on modesty.

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Ryan and Kelli said...

They learn faster than what we think...what a good girl! :)